Innovative Logistics Solutions, Inc. has recently partnered with The Pyromex Group to introduce a significant improvement in Waste-to-Energy technology to the North America marketplace.

The PYROMEX system utilizing "ultrahigh temperature gasification" to accomplish the destructive distillation of non-toxic, toxic, low-radiation and sludge waste material. This distillation process involves the application of intense, indirect thermal energy in the absence of oxygen which reduces the material to a combustible gas and a non-hazardous, non-leachable inorganic material.

This fully integrated system which combines both waste disposal and recycling, creates no harmful residues or atmospheric emissions, providing an environmentally friendly solution to one of the fastest growing problems in North America. The primary byproduct of the process is "pyrogas" which in turn is used to generate significantly more electrical power than the system utilizes.

This system provides not just the simple reduction of waste but is also an effective and efficient source of revenues while solving the ever growing problem of toxic and non-toxic waste disposal.